Joining the Expo 2020 Dubai supplier network is open to all – any business, anywhere in the world.

Any potential supplier, looking to compete for tender opportunities with Expo 2020 Dubai, should complete the Supplier Request form.

All that’s required is providing your basic company information, and be sure to select the business categories aligned with your company’s offerings and capabilities.

Once approved, you will be invited to participate in opportunities with Expo 2020 Dubai, that match the business categories you selected. All sourcing events are managed via the Ariba Sourcing portal

Register as a Supplier

Support Guides for Ariba Sourcing


If you have a question about a specific tender. Please directly contact the buyer in Expo 2020 Dubai.

For any support registering as a supplier with Expo 2020 Dubai, or responding to a sourcing event on Ariba, please reach out to our Sourcing Helpdesk team.

+971 4 817 8925
Contact our Sourcing Helpdesk


Expo 2020 Dubai is using Ariba to manage our supply chain and communicate with our suppliers via a single, collaborative portal.

Expo 2020 Dubai has fully digitized and automated the procure-to-pay lifecycle via the Ariba Network, in order to provide a streamlined digital experience, and enhance transparency and efficiency for all our suppliers.

    As a supplier on the Ariba Supplier portal, you will be able to:
  • Receive, negotiate and sign contracts with Expo 2020 Dubai
  • Directly receive and confirm purchase orders (PO)
  • Submit your invoices in real time, with no delays
  • Monitor and track progress of your orders, invoices and payments

Transacting electronically via the Ariba Network is a mandatory part of doing business with Expo 2020 Dubai. You are able to collaborate more efficiently with us - all through a secure digital network.

An Ariba Network account is essential for suppliers wishing to take part in invitations to tender, to be able to receive orders from Expo 2020 Dubai and to send invoices. If you do not have an Ariba Network account, you can obtain one by registering on Ariba Network.

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Support Guides for Ariba COMMERCE & CONTRACTS


If you have a question related to a specific contract or awarded order, please contact your client at Expo 2020 Dubai.

For any support using Ariba Contracts or Ariba Commerce including confirming purchase orders and submitting invoices, please reach out to our Ariba Onboarding Helpdesk team.

+971 4 821 1227
Contact our Sourcing Helpdesk